New Comic Book Day Issue Two: FIRED!


Unspeakable SYN

As of 3pm tomorrow, Adam and I (Brad), shall be hosting a show on SYN. The show (also named Unspeakable Evil) runs from 3-3:30 on Thursdays. Being set on the joyous day of NEW COMIC BOOKS, the show will be a discussion on the industry and maybe even some other fun stuff.

If you don’t know, the station is 90.7 FM. Adam and I have previously been on SYN for our graveyard shift, which you can find in the SYN tab above. Additionally, you can find our page on SYN’s website.

So yeah, please listen in, tell us what you think and maybe even text in and participate in our show. Thanks.

SYN Demo

I haven’t actually listened to this yet, and I’m not sure that Bradley has either, but this is what we produced for our SYN training this last month.  It was very fun and impossible to fail. :D