Play? Let’s!

Just an update on some of our goings on. Yes, Adam is seemingly the only one that’s posting anything here; Hopefully that will change very soon. In other news, right now our Youtube channel is mostly flooded with Let’s Play videos. I (Safeer) am currently going through The Legend of Zelda; very soon we should also have videos of me and George playing a bit of Spelunky, which will update irregularly until we beat the nutty game; Our Mario Let’s Play is also finished (all 70 videos of it), but we’re going to upload some strangely entertaining optional extras, more of us four playing NSMBW. Expect those up next week.

So, check them out, if you’re a fan of that sort of thing. And if you’re not, don’t fret; while we will continue to do them, we have many other projects in store, video or otherwise, and hopefully something will be to your liking. You picky bastard.