Grand Theft Reich

Been a while since I personally posted, but seeing as I have little else to do since Deadpool tied me up here, I figured I’d play a game and review it for you.

Really though, is Deadpool stupid? He left me a computer to use.

Anyway, the game I’ve been playing was released a while ago, in December 2009, by EA Games and Pandemic Studios, on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 (I’ve been playing the PC version). Pandemic was liquidated not long afterwards, but you shouldn’t allow that to impact on your impression of this game. The game in question is The Saboteur.

The Saboteur

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Feed Proxy Lazy

We all read blogs – as evident by your reading of this blog now. But we don’t all read blogs all the time and we don’t all subscribe to RSS feeds. We do. So, to make it easier for people who don’t, we’ve collected a series of this week’s posts from a series of blogs that we follow.

I’ve had a bit of a busy day today, so this post is a bit of a last minute thing for me right now.  That means I’ve made a concerted effort to tie Deadpool up (in Safeer’s basement, incidentally. I’ve also told Deadpool that Safeer was the one doing the tying.) and that means that I’ve not the drive nor the time to make a pretty post with nice layouts and overarching source links, bullet points and witty comments.  Today is just a purely pure dumping of links.


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Alright so I thought it would be fun to impartially compare my iMac running Snow Leopard with my PC running Windows 7. I thought it would be even more fun if I did this without any fanboy bias interfering with my comparison.

So I went out and bought a $1500 iMac.

Okay, well, that’s not true. I did buy one, but I didn’t buy it for this silly comparative review. That would be ridiculous. I don’t care about these blogs that much. But I did buy an iMac and I do have an iMac so thought, hey – why not compare it with my PC to see which is better?

Now, I’m going into this with a huge preference for Windows 7. I’m also going into this with my PC being the machine that I use most, while having a Laptop that also runs Windows 7. But despite all of this I do not dislike OS X. I’m not one to look down at a person for preferring Macs or for being Apple fanboys (not anymore than I would someone for being a Windows fanboy, anyway) and so I’m hoping to consider and judge both objectively. And so we begin.

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