Nintendo 3DS – Do Nintendo Even Make Video Games Anymore?

Warning: Frothing, possibly incoherent rage imminent.

No, no they don’t. They just make ass backwards video game technologies, once in a while pausing to make a half-ass backwards game just to pretend that they still make video games. The rest of the time they’re making fully ass backwards games. And they do all of this to pander to the masses of mindless idiots who’ll gladly confirm Nintendo’s suspicions that, yes, it’s a lot easier to make money when you drag your quality down to their level. Because there are so many of them to fleece! Nintendo, consider yourself dead to me. DEAD. Read more of this post


Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Review – The Power of Logic and Deduction!

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
A point-and-click adventure game for the Nintendo DS

score: ***** outta five

The point-and-click adventure genre has always been rather simplistic and static, as far as games go. I like to think of them as interactive cartoons, much closer to cartoons than games, and as video games became more complex interest in this genre has greatly waned (at least, in the West; Visual novels are fairly different to point-and-click games but follow the same principle, and they’re still rather popular for different reasons (the popularity of manga and hentai, basically)). And this makes sense to me: as games get more complex you find yourself executing all the actions, rather than pointing to dialogue and items and letting things unfold of their own accord. Nonetheless, there are still those of us who fondly recall the days of the great LucasArts adventure.

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is simply the next chapter in one series keeping interactive cartoons alive with great enthusiasm and interesting mechanics. Treat it as such, and you’ll find another entertaining set of tales to experience. But if you’re looking for a gamer’s game, this entry will disappoint you as much as the previous ones (and so will, I imagine, anything in the genre). Read more of this post

Picross 3D Review – This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Noughts and Crosses

Picross 3D
A puzzle game for the Nintendo DS
score: ***** outta five

Puzzle games are a mixed bag of treats. With other genres, such as racing games or FPS games, while the overall presentation/atmosphere and precise mechanical details may vary, the games are at their most basic very similar: you may have your dark chocolate and white chocolate and mint chocolate, but it’s all still chocolate. The puzzle genre differs in that sometimes a new puzzle game can be an entire genre’s breadth apart from an old one . If  Tetris is white chocolate and Puyo Puyo is dark chocolate, ChuChu Rocket! is a purple jellybean (or something like that, I am stretching this ridiculous metaphor a fair bit here). That is to say, there seem to be many wildly varying genres within the genre, and great room for creativity.

Picross 3D, the sequel to Picross DS, takes its predecessor and invents a treat that tastes distinctly different, new, and delicious, even if you can still taste Picross DS at the center (now I have officially stretched it to its limits). Read more of this post

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story Review – Bowser’s Retold Story

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story
A turn-based RPG for the Nintendo DS
score: *** outta five

A mysterious affliction plagues the Mushroom kingdom! Toads turned enormous balloon-y round things! Chaos and disorder! Only Mario (and that other guy) can save the day!

But the the blorbs are only the first step in our villain’s insidious plans. In Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, you play as the familiar bros. as well as Bowser to thwart the machinations of Fawful, the eccentric (and popular) evil sidekick from the first game in the handheld Mario series of RPGs.

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358/2 Days

Been a while since I posted anything, but seeing as I’m currently addicted to Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on DS (and Professor Layton as well), I figured an in-depth review was the perfect reason to write something.

A little forewarning: there may be spoilers. In addition, the Kingdom Hearts series can be confusing enough for those who have played it, so if you haven’t, you can expect to not understand much of what follows.

358-2_days Read more of this post

Scribblenauts: First impressions, and does it meet the hype?

Forte here. This blog is pushing daisies. I will revive it with some vidja game discourse. Yay!

So, Scribblenauts comes out in a few days. Anticipation is high, the air is thick with hype and… I already have it. The game has been leaked a few days early. Pointless ethical debates aside (yaarrr!), I think a detailed look into the game is in order. Was it worth the wait, and does it meet expectations? Those are the big questions. The game is highly ambitious by nature, and all previews have pointed to it being great. Let us dive in and see what all the fuss is about. Read more of this post