Band Hero review

All the way back in, er, September, Esoteric wrote about The Beatles: Rock Band. So now that Band Hero has been released I thought I’d give you an overview of that.


The newest instalment in Activision’s Guitar Hero series (They’ve owned it since Guitar Hero 3, when Harmonix went off to make Rock Band), Band Hero is a spin-off with a focus on multiplayer, and allows the game to behave more like the Rock Band series. Read more of this post


Rock Hero.

On the one hand:

Once upon a time, back in Guitar Hero 3, I had the time and attention necessary to at least become somewhat skilled at using the guitar peripheral – at least to the point such that I was able to play on Hard.

Two years since, I’ve lost that relative determination and I am now perfectly contented to play on medium. Medium gets the game finished, gets the single player experience out of the way, and leaves room for multiplayer fun. Read more of this post