Unspeakable Creations 1

In an effort to contribute more to UE, I thought up a fun little game for us to play every so often. The aim is to think up a relatively simple theme and use Heromachine to each create something based on that theme, and then compare what we came up with.

The first theme we chose was the word ‘dynamite’.

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This week’s comic reviews ahead. Again only a couple, though there were a lot of maybe’s that I didn’t pick up. Instead of getting Fables vol 3, I picked up The Immortal Iron Fist vol 1 on a whim so we’ll see how that flies.

Pick of the Week: Secret Six #22

Intense and unapologetic conclusion to Catman’s story of family and revenge. Everything is explained and a resolution is reached, if a not all too happy (perhaps bittersweet) one, and on the Six’s side of things some unrelated yet similar drama unfolds. The action is not the focus, but rather highlights the  raw character drama. I know we get a lot of that grim stuff in comics these days, but Secret Six executes it well, without being ham-fisted. Calafiore and co’s art continues to deliver. Even if it isn’t my favourite style it tells the story very well. Perhaps not high praise there, but this book still beats out all of DC’s other mainstream stuff (that I’m currently reading). This issue made me feel like rereading the whole arc again, so it must be doing something right. Read more of this post

Undead Bulletproof Bat-Nipples

This week’s, and last week’s, comic reviews ahead. I only picked up two titles this week, so it won’t be that much more exciting. I picked up Fables vol. 1 last week and vol. 2 this week as well, so I’ll probably do reviews of those somewhere down the line, even though I’m rereading them and there are already plenty of reviews of Fables (and it’s fairly deserving of the praise it gets). And in other news, I replaced the *’s with little symbols (lol) and from now on there will be a Pick of the Week each week, the book that I enjoyed the most from the week’s pull.

Pick of the Week – IZOMBIE #2

Another solid issue of this new series. Roberson deftly weaves a bunch of different stories and different characters together, crafting a sort of oddly laid-back neighbourhood of familiar yet different ghouls and ghosts. Either the Allreds’ art is better in this issue or I’m getting more used to the style and theme of it, but either way it’s also solid stuff. With interesting characters and a few mysteries, it’s intriguing enough to be worth reading, though admittedly it’s still in a build-up phase. Still, worth sticking around. Read more of this post

Sweet Tooth Vol. 1 Review – Outta the Woods, Into the Fire

Sweet Tooth Vol. 1: Out of the WoodsGus, our antler-headed 'hero'
An on-going comic book from DC Vertigo by Jeff Lemire
score: ***** outta five

Jeff Lemire is popping up all over DC. Johns seems to be prepping him to be the next big writer over there, and Sweet Tooth, I believe, is what brought him the attention that lead to it. Having now read the first volume, the man has the talent to justify it. We’ll have to wait and see how that translates into mainstream superhero work, but that’s neither here nor there – read on in this review of the first volume (the first five issues and first arc, to be precise) and you’ll see why Sweet Tooth is another good offering from Vertigo worthy of your attention as well. Read more of this post

lacigaM taB-selppiN

sihT si - oh, forget it, overusing this shtick kills it.Weekly comic reviews ahoy! Avengers Assemble, Long Live the Legion, and all that good stuff. Whether you find it exciting or retrogressive, happy Avengers Day you big nerds. I didn’t actually pick up Avengers #1 (only ever heard not-so-good things about Bendis and Avengers titles) or Legion of Super-Heroes #1, but I did get a cool haul today with stuff like Zatanna and Joe the Barbarian. Also picked up some slightly older stuff like the first volume of Sweet Tooth. I’ll save my review of that for a separate post. I don’t know if I’m just in a good mood today or if it was just a good week, but expect a lot of praise (well, aside from one particular comic).

Zatanna #1score: ***** outta five
Mobsters, magic, and a girl in fishnet stockings – what much else can you ask for in a first issue? My only issue with this issue (sorry) was that it felt slightly predictable, but being the very first, I couldn’t really knock a whole point off for that.
This book gets straight to business, setting up a major arch-nemesis right off the bat in the mystic mobster Brother Night, who decides to take over San Fransisco’s human underworld the same way he already did with the mystic underworld. Zatanna won’t stand for that, obviously, so what we get is a back-and-forth between Zatanna and Night as they threaten each other and provide exposition to establish our players and their motivations for the series to come. All the while we get magical fireworks flying as Zatanna makes mince meat out of unlucky henchmen, providing plenty of fun and creative magic and action, almost as a teaser to what’s in store when the real battles begin. And sprinkle in, of course, some of Dini’s humour, which sets the upbeat tone for the book – despite the rather bloody imagery. None of this would have worked as well without the great art of Stephane Roux and co. I did think the colouring felt a little flat in places, but otherwise there’s little to fault. Roux draws great (and sexy!) characters and faces, but did anyone else notice how characters rarely appear on panels with their mouths completely closed? A weird quirk of the artist, something I didn’t notice straight away. Also, I do think Brother Night looks too much like the Joker, which is distracting.

Don’t expect something too dark and complex with this book. I think it’s just Dini having fun with a character he loves, one that’s been at the fringe most of the time and thus never really got a chance to develop much. Hopefully this series is her chance to stand in the spotlight. Hopefully her asshole brother pops up too. And hey, DC is definitely lacking in occult character books, so I’ll be following this, and I suggest you give it a chance. Read more of this post

Barbaric Bat-Nipples

FROM THE, TOWN OF BEDROCKLots of books this week, though admittedly a lot of ambivalence too. I like superheroes and all, but it’s often frustrating how lamely they’re written sometimes. I also wanted to pick up the first volume of Sweet Tooth, but couldn’t find it, so I decided to pick up the first volume of Pluto, but I couldn’t find it, so I ended up buying the first four issues of Joe the Barbarian. I’m not disappointed, but I am too lazy to review them right now, so expect a review of that tomorrow or so.

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1score: *** outta four
Dialogue was awkward and irritating to read (caveman speak rarely isn’t), but it made up for it with some great art and imagery. I was telling Vyperchild before the issue came out, this issue would have been really cool had they done it as one of those comics with no dialogue and just told the story with the art. After reading this book I still stand by that. They’d have to change some things and they might lose a little of the meaning (that couldn’t be translated to non-verbal), but it would have been a more interesting book overall. I’m derailing the review though – plot-wise it’s pretty predictable. Bruce Wayne hits things as a caveman and then some superheroes show up, and it seems like the series will be a chase through time and space (that should be the name of a song). Since the next issue will be out of the caveman era hopefully it’ll be more readable. Read more of this post

The All-New Atom Review – A Not-So-Tiny Problem

The horror!The All-New Atom
An on-going comic book from DC by various people

I’ve always liked the Atom, or at least the idea of him, the adventure. He’s a scientist before he’s a superhero, so the whole mystery of exploration and the Indiana Jones style opportunities that his powers and scientific expertise allow were really appealing to me. I wanted to read some of The Atom, but didn’t want to go too far back, because I have a hard time reading old comic book prose and story (let’s face it: most of it was terribly awkward and hard to swallow).This was going to be a review of the more recent on-going series All-New Atom, but I’m just going to save you the trouble of giving it a spin: don’t. Read more of this post