This Week in STUFF – An X-cercise in Updating

Our Youtube channel chugs updates along at an irregular pace (Zelda Let’s Plays and Spelunky, for our amusement and yours), whilst our increasingly barren blog is mostly being held up by Deadpool. It’s okay though, we don’t have any readers! Today Safeer reviews Princess and the Frog and Nation X. And because he wants to, he’s going to standardise all his reviews as out of 5 stars from now on, because that makes (more) sense to him (***** is Exceptional; * is Crap).
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358/2 Days

Been a while since I posted anything, but seeing as I’m currently addicted to Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on DS (and Professor Layton as well), I figured an in-depth review was the perfect reason to write something.

A little forewarning: there may be spoilers. In addition, the Kingdom Hearts series can be confusing enough for those who have played it, so if you haven’t, you can expect to not understand much of what follows.

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