This Week in STUFF: Many pods are cast.

Besides the post directly below you, o’er at the youtubes is our shiny New Year’s special podcast, which talks about the most memorable things of the last decade. Quite literally, too, because I’m pretty sure there were things we forgot to mention. Nonetheless, it is long and hopefully entertaining, so go checkitout. In other news, the last week has also been an eventful one, but I do have a couple of things to review. Read more of this post

Armageddon Expo

First things first.

Second things second:

IMG_0055 IMG_0054

I think you can see a Naruto Cosplayer in there – a bad one. There was an awesome Supergirl Cosplayer (like, seriously awesome) but I wasn’t quick enough with my phone. It was hard to complain to the lady trying to stop me from meeting Goku and also take photos of a cute girl in a short skirt with a belly button showing just so that I could share it with the internet. Read more of this post