New Comic Book Day

New Comic Book Day is Unspeakable Evil’s very first ongoing radio show, hosted and broadcast by SYN, hosted by Adam and Bradley!

The whole show is structured around the most important day of the week: New Comic Book Day.  The day that the new comics come out.  The day to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.  It’s an amazing day with so many books and stories and we take the opportunity to talk about what we read, about what you should read and about what no one should read.

Thursdays 3:00PM – 3:30PM on SYN, listen in on 90.7FM or

Thursday July Fifteenth, 2010
New Comic Book Day Issue One: CYCLOPS VS. BATMAN

The very first spectacular collectors-grade issue of NEW COMIC BOOK DAY!  We did our job eventually, but before that, we spent a lot of time bitching and bickering about who has the better mancrush on the better character: Adam’s on Cyclops or Bradley’s on Batman.

Thursday July Twenty-Second, 2010
New Comic Book Day Issue Two: FIRED!

Adam takes spite and revenge and holds a grudge and FIRES BRADLEY FROM UNSPEAKABLE EVIL!  How will he possibly run NEW COMIC BOOK DAY without his ever-lovin’ glasses-wearing buddy?  With help, of course!  Adam summons – from his home of foliage, bananas and fiery brimstone: THE FOURTH DIMENSION – George, our resident PANSDIMENSIONAL GORILLA.  But things quickly go awry and Adam is forced to do the unthinkable: allow Bradley back into the UNSPEAKABLE fold.

Thursday July Twenty-Eighth, 2010
New Comic Book Day Issue Three: PRANK’d!

It was all going so well.  Adam didn’t want to fire Bradley.  Well, he didn’t TOTALLY want to fire Bradley.  No one made any mistakes.  Well, MOSTLY no one didn’t make any mistakes.  We were talking about our X-Men and our Comics and our Batmans and our Kato and our Transformers and our EVERYTHING; and then Adam’s phone rang.  Naturally, Adam plugged his phone into the SYN hardware and answered the call live for the audience to hear.  We didn’t hear the whole call, there was some kind of interference, but we did here enough to know without doubt that this was just some upstart tele-prankster calling himself “PROFESSOR DOCTOR S, PhD.”

Thursday August Fifth, 2010
New Comic Book Day Issue Four: FLASHBACKS!


Every now and then a comicbook writer really has no choice but to write an issue that serves nothing to serve the further movement of the plot.  Rather, they will write a single issue that looks back at things that have happened in previous books in the hope to establish some sort of definitive continuous idea.  This is what happened in this Issue of New Comic Book Day.

Oh, and also we sort of did our job.

BACKUP ISSUE: Don’t Regret the Unspeakable Evil.

One of the hosts to DON’T REGRET THE LYRICS was an inexplicable no-show, so UNSPEAKABLE EVIL took it upon themselves, as the noble heroes that they are, to fill in the air time – to save the audience from the evil ravages of AUTO-DJ.

Thursday August Twelfth, 2010
New Comic Book Day Issue Five: UNSPEAKABLE EVIL VS. THE WORLD!

This sound file is completely and totally, absolutely and royally, fucked.  It’s corrupt and it’s broken and we can’t fix it.  That’s okay, it’s not very relevant to the plot anyway.  This week was filler – filler with spoilers for Inception embedded into a round-a-bout review of Scott Pilgrim VS. The World.

Thursday August Nineteenth, 2010
New Comic Book Day Issue Six: THE FINAL FILLER!

This week, Adam and Bradley make SO MUCH FUN of everyone.  The audience, themselves, each other, Safeer, writers, comics, characters, the Universe, time itself, everything that ever existed.  It was really quite a fun experience.  Also we’re halfway through the arc, the season and the show NEW COMIC BOOK DAY as a whole.  COLLECTORS EDITION ISSUE????

Thursday August Twenty-Sixth, 2010

Adam kidnaps the playlist for no real reason from Bradley, things run over time and UNSPEAKABLE EVIL almost probably definitely defames Warren Ellis, but it’s okay because we love him.  And he’ll probably never hear us.  Also Bradley headbutts his Mic and Adam discovers an ontological time paradox.  Yes.

Thursday September First, 2010
New Comic Book Day Issue Eight: ALL OF THE NAZIS!

Adam and Bradley were doing their things and their stuff and all those comicbooks written about all of those Nazis and they were talking to future Adam over the text line when ALL OF A SUDDEN they destroyed the Universe.

Thursday September Ninth, 2010

The Australian Labor Party FINALLY “won” the election, so the Americans saw fit to have a celebratory LABOR DAY.  This delayed all of our comics so we had nothing to talk about.  But we sure as Hell tried!

New Comic Book Day BACK UP TO ISSUE NINE: Daniel!

Don’t Regret The Lyrics were eaten by a crack in time, or something, so we filled up their time.  Did we mention that we had no content to fill a half hour show, least of ninety minutes?  THANK THE GODS FOR THE NEWS GUY!

Thursday September Seventeen
New Comic Book Day Issue Ten: STUDENT YOUTH TARDIS!

The show started as normal, but then PROFESSOR DOCTOR S PhD rocked up and then we started time traveling and then, well, things got ridiculous and we met the Doctor (well, sort of) and then we met ourselves from the future and SO MUCH CONTINUITY.

Thursday September Twenty-Three
New Comic Book Day Issue Eleven: PENULTIMATE!

Adam and Bradley go through the comic list and talk about comics.

Thursday September Thirty
New Comic Book Day Issue Twelve: FINALE!

Adam rocks up twenty minutes late to a thirty minute show, and then there are shenanigans.

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New Comic Book Day by Adam Tzinis and Bradley Heap is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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