Anime Ball Z: Video Game Adaptations Reviews

Animeball Z was SYN‘s first Anime show, well, at least they thought they were, we’re not so sure that there’s any proof.  But, in any case, it was a pretty fun show and it was totes fun and everything.  We were asked at the top of their second season to produce a video game segment, reviewing the adaptions of the anime they were talking about in a given episode.  Then we asked one of their hosts to do a manga segment for our show.  So everyone wins!  Yaay!

Find below the eight segments we produced from them.  The Halo Reach one is really good,  but most of them are only okay.  Especially the ones that Bradley reviewed. [It’s true – Brad]

Astroboy: Omega Factor (GBA / Astroboy)

Neon Genesis 64 (N64 / Neon Genesis: Evangelion)

Death Note Kira Game and Death Note Successors to L (NDS / Death Note)

Beyblades V-Force Super Tournament Battle (GCN / Beyblades)

Halo Reach (X360 / Halo)

Cowboy Bebop: Tsuioku no Serenade (PS2 / Cowboy Bebop)

M.U.S.C.L.E (NES / Ultimate Muscle)

Jump Ultimate Stars (NDS / Shonen Jump)


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