Speakable Evil

Speakable Evil is a 30ish minutesish podcasts about stuff and things, except for when it’s a lot longer and about something else. It’s a very interesting little show, even if you don’t know or care about what we’re talking about so you should listen to it anyway. Here are all of the episodes.

Actually, before you go listen to the episodes, we should tell you that you can download them from this page that you are on right now. Or, if you want, to can subscribe to the RSS feed right here. Or, if you’re a really committed person then you can subscribe to us on the iTunes machine, over on our very own Speakable Evil page on the iTunes Store.

Speakable Evil S01E01

In our first podcast, we discuss the merits of NaNoWriMo; We all take shots at the Time Traveler’s Wife film; Vyperchild reviews the Astro Boy American remake; And we say a few words about some comics, namely Haunt #1 and Cowboy Ninja Viking #1.  05/11/2009

Speakable Evil S01E02

This time around we discuss Marvel’s Doctor Voodoo and compare story parallels between comics giants Marvel and DC, particularly dealing with Necrosha X and Blackest Night, and the fates of Captain America and Batman. Adam also reviews Brutal Legend for the PS3. Lastly, we talk about media hype and the prominence of non-news stories from traditional news outlets (because of the release of New Moon).  19/11/2009

Speakable Evil S01E03

In this, our third episode, we discuss in retrospect the NaNoWriMo of which we all participated in; We then move on to the delightful moving pictures Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, and of course, Black Dynamite. On the small screen we talk about Flashforward and Heroes, and end our speakings with yet more zombies, discussing the TV mini-series Dead Set.  04/12/2009

Speakable Evil S01E04

In Speakable Evil episode four we talk about our nefarious plans, as well as our New Super Mario Bros. Wii Let’s Play (and talk about the game itself, after the fact) and our forthcoming series of Zelda Let’s Plays. X-Factor #200 is reviewed at length next, and next on the recent censorship trends in Australia (the lack of an R rating for video games, and also the Great Firewall of Australia). We end on, guess what, zombies! Laying praise unto the comic series The Walking Dead.  18/12/2009

Speakable Evil S01E05

In this episode we begin with holiday greetings and our personal holiday buzz. Second we review The Legend of Zelda: The Spirit Tracks. We talk about, well, the modern Doctor Who series, with a little bit about The End of Time Part 1 episode we planned to talk about. Finally we discuss our future projects and somewhat descend into incoherency.  28/12/2009

Speakable Evil S01 NYE Special

In this amazingly long podcast (more like podcast MINISERIES, amirite) we talk about aaall (well, all that we can sort of kind of remember) the things we liked about the past decade, to send it off in cheery fashion. We organise it into seven general media categories, in arbitrary order, and it is as follows: Movies, Comics, Books, TV, Video Game Machines, Video Games, Technology/Web 2.0 and at the end we remember to talk about Music. Finally we each give our favourite thing of the decade; Our favourite thing of the utmost materialism and commerciality. Because that’s what being an adolescent is all about. Each segment get’s roughly ten minutes each, but understandably you may have trouble finding the one you want to listen to; Youtube still has them in segmented fashion.  31/12/2009

Speakable Evil S01 L O S T Special

Adam and his cousin Matthew, or Gavaroc or whatever, talk about the fantastic television show, Lost. Bradley and Safeer are not in this podcast, because they don’t watch Lost. Those silly kids. Check out Matt’s channel.  08/01/2010

Speakable Evil S01E06

We’re finally here! on iTunes and stuff! Yay! After that it’s mostly movies, with us reviewing The Princess and the Frog (as well as discussing Disney, old and new), moving onto Death at a Funeral, Inglourious Basterds and Tropic Thunder. Finally we close off our earlier Doctor Who discussion with The End of Time Part 2.   14/01/2010

Speakable Evil S01E07

Podcast the seventh! This time we begin with some more crazy Australian censorship madness via #nocleanfeed. Then we all throw our two cents into the rather silly Blackest Night/Siege controversy with Marvel’s shenanigans. Finally we talk about the Wii mod Brawl+, and butthurt Brawl fanboys get to have their say. We end on some more talk of the present and future of Unspeakable Evil.  28/01/2010

Speakable Evil S01E08

Podcast number eight arrives with gratuitous amounts of indifference and tiredness, but it arrives nonetheless. In this edition of Speakable Evil we present our thoughts about upcoming/newly released games for 2010, including Bioshock 2 and Epic Mickey. We also discuss (at great and unnecessary length) our recent viewing of Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins, with comparison to last year’s take on the franchise with Dragon Ball: Evolution. Then we mentioned Siege #1 or something. We were pretty tired and stuff, so we apologize for our silliness. Unless you enjoy the silliness.  11/02/2010

Speakable Evil S01E09

We spend the first five minutes talking about how we have no idea what we’re going to talk about. Good times, good times. But we do talk about things! Bradley gushes over Mass Effect 2, we talk about Superhero Squad (the TV show and game derived from said show) in a random, disconnected fashion (actually, that’s the whole podcast) and we end with some more UE news (mainly, that this is the second-last episode of season one of SE and that you should expect some puppets soon or something).  25/02/2010

Speakable Evil S01E10

Join Adam, Bradley and Safeer as they talk about themselves, and, well, really that’s it. They accidentally talk about Blackest Night and they mention things like screen tearing in FFXIII.  12/03/2010

Speakable Evil S02E01 – Kick-Ass

Adam plays on the sidelines in our first season 2 podcast, exploring a looser format to somewhat ridiculous effect. Kick-Ass gets a collective thumbs up from Safeer (who gives it four stars outta five, probably), Bradley and special Adam-substitute George, but most of the time is taken up veering off-topic and telling people to shut up for veering off-topic.

Speakable Evil S02E02 – LOST Season Six

Adam and his cousin Matthew, or Gavaroc or whatever, talk about the fantastic television show, Lost. Bradley and Safeer are not in this podcast, because they don’t watch Lost. Those silly kids. Check out Matt’s channel.  14/06/2010

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