Let’s Plays

We’re gamers. We’re bloggers. We think that people care about what we have to say about things. We play games. By these powers combined we have Let’s Plays! Gamers playing games and, because the game isn’t interesting enough  to simply watch being played, throw in commentary to go with it. A Something Awful, and then YouTube, phenomenon, a Let’s Play is an episodic segmentation of a video game, through to its eventual conclusion (think the opposite of a speedrun, in most cases), with inconsequential discourse over the top that garners inexplicable and varying popularity. Wooo!

We do many. We do them alone, and we do them together. Or we don’t do them. Below find those that we have completed, otherwise find them on our channel.

Evil Let’s Play: NEW Super Mario Bros. Wii (with four players)

Adam, Bradley, Safeer and special guest George play New Super Mario Brothers Wii!

Watch these four incredibly talented gamers play such that they demonstrate their incredibly talented talents. Watch them win, watch them jump and watch them use no continues at all. Watch as they film consistently in widescreen – they don’t, not even once, accidentally record in the wrong aspect ratio. They also never insult anyone. Least of all everyone. Even more least of all each other. They are pleasant and, above all, really great guys.

Great, talented, guys. Nice guys too. The videos are also totally rated G.

Evil Let’s Play: NEW Super Mario Bros. Wii (with one player)

Adam, Bradley and Safeer rip George out of his Fourth Dimensional Confines for the first time, transcending time and SCIENCE and the very fabric of nature itself to play NEW Super Mario Bros Wii again!

But this time, there’s a catch. This time there is no multiplayer. This time there is no direction. There is no aim. There is only one goal: to prove that we are talented gamers with many talents, and that at least some of them are relevant to the game at hand.

Watch us and judge us.


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