2010 Melbourne Armageddon Expo Highlight Reel


Unspeakable eGames

eGames is a games exhibition that comes to Melbourne (in the magical land of Australia for the geographically challenged) every year. Due to good timing for us and some friends, we decided to check it out last Friday. Never having been to eGames before, or much of any con really, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Honestly? Letdown. Seemingly poorly organised and lacking in stalls and content, we saw everything there was to see in less than half the time it was open (well, perhaps Saturday and Sunday were different, as it was running all weekend). We had no idea what was going to be there, but an “IT Professional Resume” stall was not something we expected. There was some fun to be had, though, so read on and see what we saw in glorious iPhone glory. Read more of this post

Armageddon Expo

First things first.

Second things second:

IMG_0055 IMG_0054

I think you can see a Naruto Cosplayer in there – a bad one. There was an awesome Supergirl Cosplayer (like, seriously awesome) but I wasn’t quick enough with my phone. It was hard to complain to the lady trying to stop me from meeting Goku and also take photos of a cute girl in a short skirt with a belly button showing just so that I could share it with the internet. Read more of this post

If anyone does not believe in Venus they should gaze at my girlfriend.elb

The Melbourne Museum has this fantastic exhibit on at the moment, that I encourage you all to go look at, on Pompeii. I understand that the majority of people on the planet don’t have access to this exhibit, because they don’t live in Melbourne, so I thought I take some photos (that could very well be illegal) and put them up.

There were lots of pots and things, and Gladiator clothes, at the exhibit and these are the things that I did not take photos of. I find that the exhibit struggled to make the interesting bits interesting, so the uninteresting bits were completely lost to the Roman Gods of Boredom. Read more of this post