Is that who I think it is?

— Adam ^>^


An Open Essay: Video Games as Art.

This is a response to a question that has no answer.

Except, well, in writing this I presuppose that I can find the answer.

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Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children?

Fairytales and Censoring Reality

Everyone is familiar (I hope) with the classical fairytales. They’ve been deconstructed, reconstructed, parodied, devoured, destroyed, homogenised and fed to us since their inception, but we always remember the basic, original concepts the best. Girl visits grandma, girl gets pre-empted by extremely shady wolf, grandma gets eaten, wolf gets stabbed in the gut and everyone leaves happy (except for the wolf). They are straightforward, they are often very dark, and they represent the simple aphorisms of our childhood, drilling into us what we should and should not do (in the last case, well, strangers are bad, kiddies, and don’t fucking wander around alone, kiddies) and telling an entertaining story along the way. Read more of this post

Pokémon Radio

Last night, Melbourne’s SYN radio (student radio station run by RMIT) had a fun event during their 2-6am shift. They had a Pokémon race, using the original games. Adam, Safeer and I decided to listen in.

Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue

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Over Exposed 2

I’ve already put my Deadpool opinion on this blog, but I suddenly feel as though it’s not enough to just leave what I said at what I said.  You see, I don’t think that Deadpool is getting enough attention.  I don’t think his three on-goings is enough.

In fact, I think that the Deadpool Corps should be an on-going.  Yep.  An on-going.  That’s way better than making it an arc within Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth. Actually, I think it could be a one-shot, or mini.  It could really be any of the three, so long as it’s a separate comic from Merc With a Mouth and so long as everyone is positively vague as to which category it fits in to.  It doesn’t matter, though.  All that matters is that #1 is 40 pages, $3.99 cover price and that Liefield does all of the art.  This is a book that I want to buy.

I also think that Deadpool should have a starring role in the upcoming Doomwar mini.  Deadpool really should have a lot more to do with the X-Men and the Fantastic Four and Doom.  I just don’t think that he’s had enough of either them recently.  I also think that he should be a major player in the FALL OF HULKS and WORLD WAR HULKS tie-ins that are working their magic in the Hulk bracket of the Marvel U.  If anyone is going to stand up against two She-Hulks, three Hulks, one Abomination and Doc Samson, it’s fucking Deadpool.  Also he should turn into a Hulk.  This would be the best story ever.

And you know what else?  Cable is boring.  I mean, it’s just about Cable!  Cable and Hope and they’re boring!  Cable has had a boring life and nothing has happened and Hope is just some ‘ranga.  Boring. I think they should make the title more about Deadpool.  In fact, they should change the title to Deadpool and Cable. Oh, oh, and they should retcon the Cable/Messiah CompleX stories such that Cable is useless.  I mean, he’s just the most venerated soldier in the Marvel U with more combat experience than three Captain Americas.  There’s no way he could have rescued the Messiah Baby from the Purifiers and protected her from the Predator X.  So that is definitely what that comic should be about: Cable getting Deadpool to help him save the Messiah Baby.

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This is not what we’re talking about.

But it is sorta our inspiration for this silly thing. And I, of course, use silly as an ultimate term of endearment.

I still remember our first ever Rampage. Back when we were wide-eye X-teen year olds neglecting our holiday homework and staying up all night playing Kingdom Hearts. Oh, the grand flurry of competition. One finished game, regardless of length, regardless of difficulty, regardless of players, was equal to one point. Oh! The influx of the cheating masses! Read more of this post

Happy Frends – an abhorrent webcomic of wonder and magic

To celebrate the return of my (as described above) webcomic, I decided I would make a post about it here and talk about it a little (check the sidebar for the comic (or head to; I’ll also update my blog whenever I post a new one). Happy Frends is about love and the tragedies we must face in pursuit of love. It is about a relationship between a mother and a daughter, struggling to survive in a man’s world; it is about the plight of whales and the dangers of global warming; it is about mystical voodoo man-eating turtles and their bad hair days. It is about none of those things. Go check it out.