About Us

Unspeakable Evil is a blog of the medias. It is a blog of the words and the pictures, of the movies and of the TV, of the comics and of the video games, of the news and of the novels.

It is, as it were, a blog of the medias.

Adam, Bradley and Safeer are all aware that medias isn’t actually a cromulent word, but they don’t really care. They are the authors and keepers of this blog, and wherein all things that exist as evils unspeakable.

Contact us directly at unspeakable_evil@live.com.au, or just drop a line in the comments or at our Twitter.

Adam is a media student. He likes to write things and he has a lot of toys. Adam’s font is the smallest font. It is the opposite of a reflection of his ego (ooh BURN). His personal blog is called esoteric.

Bradley is a psychology student. He thinks that there is probably something wrong with him. Bradley’s font is green. Because there is something wrong with Bradley’s font. His personal blog is called Sanity is for the Weak.

George is a MECHATRONICS student. He is a pandimensional gorilla with the ability to transcend time and space. He likes to wear ties. He doesn’t actually do any writing for us.

Safeer is a computer sciences student. He didn’t answer when Adam asked what else he wanted to put here, so maybe it’s worth mentioning that he can digivolve into champions. He writes in the default font because he’s boring, lazy and very lazy. His personal blog is called A Wasp Is Neither A Bee Nor An Ant.

Deadpool is totally awesome and the main character, and is not currently holding a gun to both my head and my crotch right now. He writes in THREE FONTS SIMULTANEOUSLY because that’s just how he rolls. His personal blog has been removed for violating several national and international laws.


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