Unspeakable Creations 1

In an effort to contribute more to UE, I thought up a fun little game for us to play every so often. The aim is to think up a relatively simple theme and use Heromachine to each create something based on that theme, and then compare what we came up with.

The first theme we chose was the word ‘dynamite’.

Vyperchild’s creation:

The FuseA fairly standard design, pretty simplistic. Basically just an obvious dynamite wielding superhero.

Esoteric’s creation:

Pink GirlErr. Adam’s is a little surreal. But hey, there’s Starscream, boobs and even some dynamite!

Forte Dante’s creation:

Dyno MightI can’t say much other than ‘wow’. Safeer really set the standard to beat for this game. He created a character purely for the sake of a pun. That is genius.

That’s it! All there is to it. If you want to suggest future themes, or just want to comment on our characters, please do so. I also think that we shall announce the next theme every time we post one of these, so the next theme shall be ‘Power Rangers’.

Also check out my take on a Heromachine version of Unspeakable Evil’s mascot.



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I am the Captain of the Starship Lollipants from the planet Buttermonkey, setting off on a wild adventure to discover some stuff and probably receive psychiatric assistance. Oh look, a butterfly made of peanuts. OM NOM NOM.

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