War of the Supermen’s Diamond Nipples

WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? ABSOLUTELY NOTHIN'.I’ve actually sat down and read all of New Krypton, World Without Superman, World Against Superman and Last Stand of New Krypton and do you want to know what I thought?

I thought it was pretty bad.  It was rushed, and that’s an odd thing to say considering how long it all lasted for and how slow the story moved.  Jumping between issues was disconcerting, they barely followed through the continuity from the previous book. If Second Coming is showing the comicbook industry how to serialized an event and use tie-ins as chapters effectively, then all of these Superman stories showed the exact opposite: what not to do.  The pacing was bad, and really it was all quite hard to swallow.  It was a shame, too, because it was an interesting premise to start with.  It just got, well, stupid.

War of the Supermen fixed that problem, at least.  The pacing greatly improved and the writing became much easier to digest.  I really liked that it was a weekly, self-contained mini.  No tie-ins.  It was just this little event to bridge the gap between New Krypton and the reboot that follows with #700 and JMS.  Everything flowed greatly, and really the whole read was quite enjoyable.

I also need to point out two asides: I really appreciated the pencils, but that’s because Kara flies around showing off her whole belly.  I can’t not appreciate that.  I also appreciated the price.  $2.99 cover price for a book with a shiny cover and better paper then the regular type.

KRYPTO! NO!The biggest problem with the story was that it was just a reset.  The Kryptonians were brushed aside – murdered by General Lane, along with New Krypton – and the survivors – Zod and his militia – were just locked away in the Phantom Zone, again.  So it’s only Clark, Kara, Connor and Krypto.  Everyone else is gone, again.  Mon-El and Chris are in the Phantom Zone — Chris is even a kid again, and we don’t know where the Nightwing Force buggered off to after fixing the Phantom Zone.  Thara is dead, and the Flamebird entity is, presumably, wherever the Nightwing is.  HELLO THERE, STATUS QUO.

I was just, annoyed by the jump backward.  The very abrupt and obvious jump backward.  But, that all aside, I liked the mini more than I liked everything that led into it.  And I’m excited for the coming Superman books with JMS at the helm.

— Adam ^>^


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