A Friend in Need…

So I had my own on-going, right, and then it got cancelled and I got replaced by, well –


Yes, by myself.  But I wasn’t as popular as me.

No you weren’t.

No I wasn’t.  So I got cancelled and replaced by me again.

You were a lot more popular than you were.

I really was.  But they didn’t think it was enough.

They thought we needed friends.

For the banter.

Ha!  So much for that.  WE ARE OUR OWN BANTER.

So they gave me a title with Cable.  It did okay but then it got cancelled so that Cable could have his own book.

We got our own book too!

Yeah, eventually.

It sells better than his.

That’s why his got cancelled.

I was getting to that guys.

We don’t really care.

We really don’t care.

GUYS.  I think you’re ruining my post.

We don’t really care.

We really don’t care.

Fine, whatever.  I just wanted to say that I appreciated the irony of Cable’s last book in the on-going to need to have my name in the title to sell.

Our name first, too.

I didn’t even know you knew what irony was.

MY name.



4 Responses to A Friend in Need…

  1. Adam says:

    God damn it Wade, THAT’S NOT A REVIEW.

  2. Resulka says:

    Awwww, it’s so sweet that you’d do something so thoughtful for a friend!

  3. Matt Booker says:

    Funny, but I didn’t really laugh until I saw Adam’s coordinated comment!

    ~Matt Booker

  4. Adam says:

    Now I’m going to get stabbed!

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