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We all read blogs – as evident by your reading of this blog now. But we don’t all read blogs all the time and we don’t all subscribe to RSS feeds. We do. So, to make it easier for people who don’t, we’ve collected a series of this week’s posts from a series of blogs that we follow.

No, it’s not peadopilia.  But that doesn’t make it okay.

Blackest Night: How DC did what Marvel does better than Marvel.


2001: A Metrod Odyssey.


Mine ends in a five.

Casual Sexism.



Microsoft calls Google Black.


It’s so Cable.

lol Beyonce.

Spider-Man: Arkham Asylum.

Might need to know this one day, or something.

Fuck the iPad right up its arse.

Right. Up. Its. Arse.


Our Captain America?

Both these figures have poor head sculpts :/


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