Twilight Watch Review – A Distinct Lack of Sparkly Vampire Baseball

Twilight Watch
A fantasy novel by Sergei Lukanyeko

score: **** outta five

I’ve already briefly touched on the previous (and probably best) novel in this ‘trilogy’, and Bradley has already reviewed the whole trilogy, so this will be brief, and mostly about the series as a whole.

Actually… mostly I want to bitch about the cover. ‘JK Rowling, Russian style… [A] cracking read’ – Daily Telegraph, the quote right on the front. Imbeciles, the lot of them! Did they even bother to read this trilogy? The only tie it has to Harry Potter is that they’re both fantasy novels and they’re both set in contemporary times. I found this series to be, besides the magic and mythology, about politics and intrigue and mystery, as well as philosophy and ethics, a bit more than a straightforward pulp fantasy book (with a Russian flavour, too; we get some insight into Russian culture which is nice). Yes, there are plenty of thrills and tension and magic and werewolves and vampires, but to compare this trilogy with Harry Potter, to me, is doing it a grave disservice.

Between a Harry Potter quote on the cover, the terrible cover itself (lame photography of some girl wearing fangs) and the word TWILIGHT emblazoned on it, it was a bit embarrassing reading this thing in public. To abuse an already traumatised cliché, don’t judge a book by its cover (but on that note, don’t give a good book a terrible cover!).

Besides that, well, I don’t think I was as disappointed in this particular book as Bradley was (of course, I already knew there was a ‘sequel book’ to the trilogy), and I liked the climax as well, which has the same turnaround feel as the others do. Mostly my thoughts echo his sentiments (I read his reviews after I read the books, so it’s legitimate) and I suggest you look to them for more detail. I will however, leave you with my score; the trilogy overall, even discounting the lack of a true conclusion to the whole story and its universe (again, gotta go read Final Watch/Last Watch, the ‘sequel’) probably deserves a five.

The Rating System:

* crap; in all likelihood, avoid
** meh; not quite worth your time
*** decent; nothing or not much new
**** good; polished, solid, give it a chance
***** great; among the best of its kind


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