Feed Proxy at Summer’s Conclusion

We all read blogs – as evident by your reading of this blog now. But we don’t all read blogs all the time and we don’t all subscribe to RSS feeds. We do. So, to make it easier for people who don’t, we’ve collected a series of this week’s posts from a series of blogs that we follow.


And we’re the racist country.

Hypocrisy and Apple? WHY, I NEVER.


My homepage is Facebook.

Bradley, if he were a girl. (It’s true)


Behind the Windows 7 Phone OS.


Cylon Teddy.

I deny this and claim that all sleep is a waste of time.

Metroid Other M.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Nintendo Summit: Kotaku Roundup.



Xbox Live B7.

I want this game more than I want children.

This one’s relevant because Semester 1 Uni starts tomorrow.

Google Pig.

A very pointless guide to commonsense. paying for apps.

Miyamoto is unto you as a God.

This article poses a good question.

I can’t believe they’ve waited so long.


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