Pokémon Radio

Last night, Melbourne’s SYN radio (student radio station run by RMIT) had a fun event during their 2-6am shift. They had a Pokémon race, using the original games. Adam, Safeer and I decided to listen in.

Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue

Three players began at 2am, each choosing a different starter (Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur). One player made a bold statement that by the end of the show he would reach Cinnabar Island (where the seventh Pokémon gym is), and although I felt this was unrealistic, Adam thought it was possible.

The player using Charmander had a big challenge ahead because of the first two gym leaders, and he got stuck against Brock. Squirtle and Bulbasaur got further, and at about 3:30 they were either in Cerulean City or heading through Mt. Moon.

However, Adam and I decided we wanted to play too (Safeer was weak and went to bed) so we grabbed a copy of the games and started. Adam, for the sake of proving he was better than Charmander guy, chose Charmander. I chose Squirtle.

Before I talk about our progress though, I want to finish SYN’s story. Charmander, or should I say Charmeleon, finally beat Brock and then steamed ahead and managed to actually catch up and overtake the guy in second place, who (if I recall correctly) was the Squirtle trainer. The Bulbasaur trainer managed to get through the SS Anne and beat Lt. Surge, but then got lost and couldn’t remember where to go. I believe he eventually got Flash and headed to the cave to get to Lavender Town, but I don’t remember.

Back to us now. Adam’s Charmander also had an understandably  difficult time taking out Brock, but eventually he did. He headed to Cerulean and passed Nugget Bridge and then had a huge challenge with Misty’s Starmie. His Charmeleon was actually at level 30 before my Wartortle, even though at the time I believe I was fighting Gary (or as I called him DENISE) on the SS Anne.

For me, I think I’ll post the texts I sent to SYN, which were something of a progress report and me bragging.

[4:34 am] Started with a squirtle about 1 hour ago. Just beat misty 1 hp left – brad
[5:12 am] Up to third gym – brad
[5:17 am] Fighting lt surge with wartortle – brad
[5:23 am] Beat raichu with a lvl 15 bellsprout. Off to the 4th gym – brad (note: at this point, the leading SYN player was just about to fight Surge)
[5:36 am] Got flash, heading to celadon :) – brad
[5:47 am] Lvl 31 wartortle in lavender town – brad
[5:51 am] Inside celadon gym. Thanks guys, this has been fun – brad
[5:57 am] 4th gym beaten :) – brad

So, to summarise and brag some more, in two and a half hours I beat one whole gym more than people who were playing for four hours. I win, yay.

In addition to this, Adam, Safeer and I (and a number of friends) will be beginning Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen on March 1st, and racing. The goal is to be the first to beat the Sevii Islands and the Super Elite 4. If you would like to join in, 12am Australian Eastern Standard Time on March 1st is when the competition starts, and you can comment to this post to give us your progress.

Gotta catch ‘em all


About Brad
I am the Captain of the Starship Lollipants from the planet Buttermonkey, setting off on a wild adventure to discover some stuff and probably receive psychiatric assistance. Oh look, a butterfly made of peanuts. OM NOM NOM.

6 Responses to Pokémon Radio

  1. Resulka says:

    I’m in. I should after all get back into the Pokemon Groove before SoulSilver arrives.

  2. Safeer says:

    I will let the comment of my weakness slide – if only I am content in the fact that I am a greater Pokemon Master than all of you, and don’t need you guys to tell me so :J

    You should mention that it’s a Facebook event. If they don’t have-a the Facebook (ha! right) then updating their progress here’s fine.

  3. Brad says:

    A Pokemon Master needs to be able to evolve an Eevee to an Umbreon, which (used to) require(s) not being so frigging weak. LEARN TO STAY UP LATE, MAN.

  4. Safeer says:

    I stayed up more than long enough to have an Umbreon evolved. And it would probably be a better Umbreon than yours because I am a Pokemon Master.

  5. Adam says:

    @Safeer, you might be better at BATTLING, but I’m the one with a 492/493 legit Pokedex and 450+ hours in Diamond. ‘m’jus’sayin’

    My Charmander the other night shat all over Brock. I basically know exactly how to beat the game with just a Charmander without sucking – grind a little before Brock and then go see Bill before fighting Misty.

    But I swear to God, Misty was fucking cheating. Her Starmie hit with a critical Bubblebeam every time I tried to fight her. WITHOUT FAIL. I tried like, twenty times too.

    The guys on-air didn’t know the game very well. The winner got lost! Who races a game they’ve never finished?

  6. Brad says:

    I actually got lost for about 10 minutes after beating Surge. Going back to find Flash is the one thing I forget every single time I play. Luckily I decided to go get a Diglett, and then remembered.

    And I didn’t grind at all ever. My Wartortle and Clefairy just owned everyone (except for Raichu, who was owned by a Bellsprout named VAGINA. Wish I’d called it PUSSY, because then attacking with VINE WHIP would have been more awesome.)

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