This Week in STUFF: Not X-ceptional

Greetings friends and enemies to our weekly review column! I’d recap our Unspeakable doings, but I’d rather direct you to the post before this one, because most of our dealings at the moment are of the video variety. I did forget to mention in that post, our Power Rangers Abridged Pilot is finally getting organised and ready. This week, Safeer looks at Messiah CompleX.


On Monday, Good News Week returned to Australian TV. The show had it’s regular hilarity, but including Ross Noble always leads to utter hysterics. Especially when he is given a prop. Last season, he spent five minutes completely amazed by a smoke machine. This time, he covered the stage (and the show’s host) in foam. The show has a challenge before it if it wants to match the fun next week and for the rest of the season.


Messiah CompleX – I know it’s ancient history by this point, but this basically started what’s currently going on in the X-Men corner of the Marvel universe. And for the most part, this is where I have jumped on, not being a regular X-Men reader. Basically, way back when, the Scarlet Witch used her crazy voodoo magicks to erase the powers of most mutants on Earth. Not only that, but no mutants could be born. Extinction (you mean X-tinction, right Safeer? I’m hilarious) is not pretty. Here’s where this mini comes in: the first mutant baby born since M-Day (the day when the Scarlet Witch spazzed out) is born, and the X-Men see it as the saviour of their race. Thus, hijinks ensue.

As you can imagine, everyone wants it, whether to kill it or to protect it. Messiah CompleX brings together almost every corner of the X-Men universe and makes them into what I imagine a cohesive universe again, with a single important issue tying them all together: Saving (or stopping the act of) the species. This is good, and they don’t break this cohesiveness, from what I can tell, in future events. For someone like me, though, it was a little tiring to see so many teams and enemies I know nothing about; Mostly since all they did was pound on each other, giving me little insight into who the hell they are and why they want to do what they’re doing, be they Sinister’s Marauders or Predator X or the Acolytes or the Purifiers (and of course on the flipside, all the good guys).

And that’s the main problem I have with the writing of this miniseries: It should have been about half as long, because too much of it feels like pointless filler where a bunch of mutants hit each other, delaying the important scenes. This isn’t helped by my other beef: Most of the art is either unsuited or downright terrible, which means the action wasn’t even fun to look at.

Besides that, though, I think they have an okay story going here, and the scenes that are good do feel like progress (for example, Cyclops finally settling into the role of the leader he was trained to be, stepping out of Xavier’s shadow and making the hard decisions on his own). And the big twist, though I had already known it, is certainly unexpected, though there are legitimate criticisms about the way a certain character is handled, here and later. So while I had issues with this series, it’s an okay story overall and it’s a highly significant starting place for stories to come. **

messiah complex


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