Welcome, NOBLE Audience

Welcome, to WORDPRESS.

It’s like Blogger. In fact, it’s a lot like Blogger. Except, well, think Facebook right. And then think of what Facebook is to Myspace. Only Blogger is Myspace. Only Blogger is no where near as herpes as Myspace. ANALOGY SUCCESS.

Anyway, we moved Unspeakable Evil over mostly because we found a way to turn it into a host for our Podcast. WHICH IS NOW ON iTUNES! We recorded episode six today, and right now is the perfect time to subscribe. You don’t even need to backtrack over what you missed, if you don’t feel that you want to. ^Up there you’ll see our little Speakable Evil page. The whole podcast is available there, with links to the RSS feed and to the iTunes Store. Subscribe to either one and we will personally love you forever. Honest.

Speakable Evil won’t be on YouTube anymore. Well. It won’t be on there in its entirety. Recording a podcast and then splitting it up and uploading it turns a three hour job into twice that, or more, and I’ve begun to feel that it’s just too much. We would prefer, anyway, to be listened to as a show, not as segments. And I daresay that the audience might enjoy the show better by the same.

The only thing left to say is that we hope to use the blog, now that we’re sorted (and that the Mario LP is all nice and edited) with iTunes and WordPress, for more than just our regular posts. We want to have a lot more content in between and, now that we’re officially public, this begins now. ^>^


One Response to Welcome, NOBLE Audience

  1. Matt Booker says:

    Very cool logo. Now if only there was a way to get mine to incorporate a foolish samurai warrior…

    ~Matt Booker

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