Feed Proxy 10/01/10

We all read blogs – as evident by your reading of this blog now. But we don’t all read blogs all the time and we don’t all subscribe to RSS feeds. We do. So, to make it easier for people who don’t, we’ve collected a series of this week’s posts from a series of blogs that we follow.
Source: Defamer.

Source: Lifehacker.

  • Facebook for the iPhone becomes pretty much the best app ever. [Link]
  • I’m a southpaw. [Link]
  • Suicide 2.0 [Link]
  • The fastest selling operating system in history. [Link]

Source: Gizmodo.

  • Fight censorship. [Link]
  • Adorable. [Link]
  • I always knew that Google would take over, eventually. [Link]

Source: Kotaku

  • Mark Hamill and Luke Skywalker. [Link]
  • Hahaha. Ha. Ha. Ha. [Link]

Source: Fail Blog.

  • I really do adore hardcore fanatical Christians. [Link]
Hey folks. This time I bring you: SCIENCE. Aren’t we excited? (Sorry, no hoverboards.)
  • Scanners break child porn laws by being too revealing. Good job guys. [guardian uk]
  • Technology to control lightning? Man-made Thor, here we come! [popsci]
  • Convergence of nerdy and jock: Star Trek wetsuits. [wired]
  • Japan creates really awesome robots. THE FUTURE BEGINS. [the christian science monitor]
  • Brain-controlled remote control. THE FUTURE BEGINS AND IT IS AWESOME. [marketwatch]
  • Guy is trying to create conscious/intelligent AI. THE FUTURE BEGINS AND NOW I’M MORE ALARMED THAN EXCITED. [mail online]
  • ‘new’ theory to the start of the universe. THE PAST IS REVEALED, MAYBE. [discover]
  • Australian internet censorship plan approved. THE FUTURE SUCKS. [sydney morning herald]
  • Science discovers explosive white star that has a chance to kill us. THE FUTURE IS DOOMED. [spacedaily]


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