This Week in STUFF: Many pods are cast.

Besides the post directly below you, o’er at the youtubes is our shiny New Year’s special podcast, which talks about the most memorable things of the last decade. Quite literally, too, because I’m pretty sure there were things we forgot to mention. Nonetheless, it is long and hopefully entertaining, so go checkitout. In other news, the last week has also been an eventful one, but I do have a couple of things to review.

Cowboy Bebop – Plowed through the whole series verra recently. This show follows the adventures of the ship Bebop and the space bounty hunters therein, exploring the human colonies as well as their own lives. There’s a lot I could say about this, one of my most favouritest of Japanese animations.

I could mention how hilarious and fun it can be; And when it’s not being that, thoughtful and sombre. I could talk about the great cast of characters, and the growth they all (well, most of them) go through in the span of just 26 episodes. I could talk about how, despite how a lot of the show feels like filler, it’s great filler, and it cleverly foreshadows the greater events in the world, giving you insight into the bigger picture and into the past and future of our cast. I could mention the sad ending, sad both for the content and for the fact that I wish there was more.

I don’t need to mention the quality animation and art, action and style, and most especially the brilliant American jazz and blues music and art direction. In fact, every episode is named after a song which reflects the episode, eg. Honky Tonk Women, Heavy Metal Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody, Jupiter Jazz, etc. Oh, and of course, the theme song, one of the best among anime. I can’t forget to mention one of the greatest dubs in any anime (okay, that’s actually not saying much) as I’m usually pretty persistent in sticking with subs. I’d like to mention how much I appreciate the subtlety that this show can sometimes use (and probably, a lot of the anime I actually like has elements of this); a lot of anime infuriates me with its loudness and obnoxiousness, passing as humour or whatever but coming off as annoying and expository or badly timed or badly paced bull. Cowboy Bebop on the other hand can often be indirect, and only hint at the answers without yelling them at your face.

But this is an old show, a classic, so you’ve no doubt heard all of this before. If you haven’t seen the show yet, though, and you’re into them Japanese animations, do me a favour and plow through it yourself. *****


Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane (vol. 1) – I know. I’m such a teenage girl. I’ve said it whenever I mentioned this comic. But I really liked it. It’s basically Teenage Spider-Man from Mary Jane’s point of view, making it a lot more about their relationship than Spider-Man’s adventures, which only barely get touched upon. Imagine one of those teen soap operas you see on TV, PG-ify it a little (no slutwhores sleeping with three guys in this, I’m pretty sure it’s aimed at those a little younger), and throw in Spider-Man, and you’ve got this. Apparently it’s a winning formula, because it was very engaging. I will say I’m not overly fond of the art; I find it too much like generic wannabe-anime style art, something that might have a broader appeal, but which I personally just find a little annoying.

In any case, we’re probably going to touch on this little ‘hidden gem’ more once we’ve read a whole lot more of it, so I’ll leave it at that. ****

Inglorious Basterds and District 9 hit the DVD/Blu-Ray space this week. District 9 was, and still is, a fantastic movie. I haven’t sat down with my Blu-Ray set yet, but it came with a pretty little bonus DVD. Basterds, on the other hand, is as good as I hoped. I was very pleased by the amount of foreigners speaking foreign languages. Much better than bad accents with bad English.
There were maybe one and a half comics this week, from Marvel, DC and everyone else collectively. So, money saved aside, that was pretty disappointing.

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