Feed Proxy V

We all read blogs – as evident by your reading of this blog now. But we don’t all read blogs all the time and we don’t all subscribe to RSS feeds. We do. So, to make it easier for people who don’t, we’ve collected a series of this week’s posts from a series of blogs that we follow.

Source: Gizmodo.

  • 28 Photos of Faces where they shouldn’t be. [Link]
  • This article single-handedly makes me hate James Cameron. [Link]
  • Personally, I’m toward the STALKER end of the spectrum. Wait. [Link]
  • Are you a Mac and a PC? Then make them best friends! [Link]
  • I want this toaster. [Link]
  • That’s a great nose. NSFW [Link]
  • Great in Theory, Poor in Execution. [Link]

Source: Wired.

  • Learn to let Go: How Success Killed Duke Nukem. [Link]

Source: Kotaku.

  • The only Christmas Tree I could ever like. [Link]
  • I am inclined to doubt this. [Link]
  • The funniest thing that Russia has ever done. [Link] (With added Cyrillic!)
  • A great Robin Williams bit. [Link]

Source: Lifehacker.

  • I still don’t quite get (or care) about the different between 32-bit and 64. [Link]
  • Firefox themes! [Link]
  • I call bullshit: none of those apps are Facebook. [Link]

Source: Defamer.

  • Would you like Taylor Swift as your Supergirl? [Link]


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