This Week in STUFF: Carols and Corals

A happy holidays and a riveting religion, atheism, agnosticism or I-don’t-care-ism to you all from us here at Unspeakable Evil! Not much else to say, a busy day for some of us, so onwards to content.


Gitaroo Man – I recently got a Ps2 (I know, I’m several years late, but the quality of something is timeless, don’tcha think?), so expect a lot of Ps2 games to pop up as I play them more thoroughly. Gitaroo Man is something I also played earlier on the PSP (before it broke; long story), so it’s already one of my favourite rhythm games. Gameplay involves, you know, pressing buttons and moving the analog stick and whatnot in time to the music, but basically: it’s extremely weird (Japanese style weird), very hard, full of awesome (and original) music of wildly varying styles (though most involving a guitar), and you should play it if you like-a the rhythm genre. *****


Coraline – The book, not the movie, which I have yet to see. A great little (only about 170 pages) children’s book by one of the better contemporary writers. It follows a little girl who enters into another ‘world’, a typical sort of skeleton for a kid’s fantasy book but pulled off really well. While the writing style is simplistic (well, it IS a kid’s book), the storytelling is great, the story is imaginative, and to a child smaller than I, it’s probably pretty scary too. It has the of feel of a classic fairytale in a modern setting, whilst still feeling new. I am looking forward to the movie, which should be wholly entertaining given the visually creative content of the book. Give it a read, I finished it in a sitting. **** [Normal people don’t finish 170 pages in one sitting :x]

Addendum (27/12/2009):

I’m not going to go into terrible detail about these, because I mostly can’t be arsed, but I want to a couple name drops. I want to point you towards Ponyo which just fell into shops, on DVD, a few days ago. In the same I want to point to Inglorious Basterds. The former is fantastic, but the latter I haven’t sat through yet. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t find Ponyo on Blu-Ray. Sherlock Holmes is probably the highlight of the Boxing Day releases, but you could always see that new Robin Williams movie or Alvin and Chipmunks: The Squeakuel if modernized adaptations that corrupt the traditional interpretations of an old favourite aren’t your cup of tea. I also point you towards The End of Time, this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special which will conclude with part two on New Years Day, as it was nothing short of fantastic.

Oh, I should also tell you all that I’ve spotted A Boy and His Blob in stores twice now (buying it the first time). It’s somewhat of a rarity around the Australia place so head to your local JB and hope for the best.


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