This Week in STUFF: Little of it.

Slow week. Wait a minute, no it wasn’t: it was incredibly busy. Monday had Mario, Tuesday had me violently sick, Wednesday had me working and Thursday was Speakable Evil. So, very little downtime in between. Perhaps my compatriots can add their endeavours.

Catwoman: When in Rome – Tie-in to Loeb’s Long Halloween/Dark Victory, pretty good Batman whodunits, Catwoman follows the same formula (except replace Batman with Catwoman) and ties into Dark Victory. It’s also a little lighter and more humourous in tone than the books it ties into. Felt a little superfluous, but if you like the comics mentioned above and/or the character of Catwoman you’ll probably enjoy this. And Sale draws a pretty sexy Selina Kyle. ***

Cable #21 – I know that we all love a comic book from 2004, but I thought I’d shake things up and actually present the reader-base with a comic from this week.

Yes guys. I am aware that I am being a dick.

Cable #21 will mean nothing to you unless you’re reading Cable already, X-Men already or even Marvel already. But it’s a pretty good issue, a milestone in fact, as it depicts the manifestation of Hope’s mutant power. This is the issue that you’d want to jump in on now if you’ve missed the other 20 issues and, to be honest, a good six of those twenty were worth missing.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks was recently released for the Nintendo DS, and Forte and I have both been playing it. We will give an in-depth review soon, but I thought it was worth mentioning that I think it fits in this ‘good’ category.

Stargate: Universe finally aired it’s pilot on commercial TV here in Australia. The ‘darker and edgier’ interpretation of the Stargate series was good, and although I felt a lot of the plot was reminiscent of the beginning of Atlantis, the episode was a winner for me. It has been compared to the modern Battlestar Galactica by some, which is high praise, considering the criticisms made by reviewers against the previous incarnations of Stargate.


Channel Ten means that, at 6PM every night, we get the Simpsons. It also means that at 6:30PM every night we’re forced to watch some “news” because, God forbid otherwise, no one wants to watch Neighbours . The Neighbours season is over for the year so, naturally, Channel Ten has searched deep into the popular consciousness to find a TV show that we all love to watch and given us Malcolm in the Middle to fill the void left by Neighbours. While there’s nothing wrong with the sitcom – in fact I rather find it hilarious – I take issue with it being ten years old.

Ironically, I wish the Simpsons that they air was that old. Hm.


Captain America officially steps foot back into the Marvel Universe’s land of the living with Brubaker’s Captain America: Reborn #5. If you’re anything like me, then you read issue one and ignored everything that happened after that. Because, well, basically, it’s a load of bullshit. Plus it’s an entirely moot point because Steve Rogers was seen last week in The Invincible Iron Man #22 and The New Avengers Annual (2009). Way to watch your own continuity, guys.


You know what else is a little superfluous? This category. Things that go here can probably go under Feed Proxy.


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