This Week in STUFF: Lots of it.

This was meant to be a weekly thing. If you can remember, a few months ago, I did one, and then got busy, and promptly forgot about it. But now I bring it back! Hooray! And in a slightly different format (for one thing, Stuff is easier to say). I am also putting things under categories; that way you know what to check out and what to avoid.

Also, this week, I’m/we’re pretty much just looking at stuff I/we can remember, instead of stuff from this week in particular, to make up for the whole column-not-existing thing of the past few weeks. A ton of stuff to go through, yes.


The King of Kong – A documentary about the world’s top Donkey Kong players. Yeah, you heard me. Has to be seen to be believed. *****

Green Lantern/Blackest Night (so far; I think we’re at #4 now?) – Written by Geoff Johns, more or less, art by a whole lotta people. Good so far; better than your average event. Probably a more in-depth coverage later, when it’s over I guess. Tie-ins are uneven, but even those seem a little better than usual. Don’t know if it’s as good as Sinestro Corps was. On the GL titles themselves, Green Lantern Corps is great and Green Lantern is only sometimes good, but they’ve been tying in to events since Sinestro Corps now so not much to say on them individually.

X-Factor (#1-50 + tie-ins) – Written by Peter David, art by Valentine De Landro. Not that I’ve read many, but could be the best X-book on the shelf. Madrox is fun to read and so is Layla Miller. Art’s pretty good right now, but nothing too memorable. Never once did I find it noir, though, despite advertising as such. I’ll save the rest for the podcast. *****

Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity – Mostly Matt Wagner (think Dave Stewart did colours or something). Art’s a lot like Darwyn Cooke’s in this miniseries Hence, yay. Story itself is a Silver Age type throwback, writing the first time Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman worked together (against Ra’s Al Ghul). A good, fun read; Nothing too mentally taxing. I will say Matt Wagner writes Batman like some sort of angry, slightly misogynistic and somewhat unlikeable dick, though (puns unintended). **

The Amazing Screw-On Head (both the comic and the pilot episode) – Why wasn’t this picked up by the Sci-Fi channel? Friggin’ jerks. Creation from the mind of Mike Mignola (Hellboy), Looks great and is rather hilarious (it is primarily a black comedy). Zombie emperors, ,werewolves, monkeys, robots, Abraham Lincoln and a universe contained within an onion. What’s not to love? Wish there was more, comic and/or tv. ****

Battlestar Galactica (halfway through season one, including the miniseries) – Cool stuff. Reminds me a little bit of The Walking Dead; A survival tale set in a ‘post-apocalyptic’ world (only, it’s in space) and focusing on the characters. Really cryptic so far (what the crap do the Cylons want?), but if you haven’t seen this (finished) series yet, you really should start.


The Host – Recent-ish Korean monster movie, sort of about the dangers of chemicals (and the evil-ness of America). Focuses on a family trying to recover their daughter, kidnapped by the monster. Decent all-around, worth a watch. Watched it subbed, heard the dub was bad. ***

Batman: Ego – Written and drawn by Darwyn Cooke. Absolutely love the man’s art, a bit reminiscent of DCAU but with more defined lines; Love it enough to read anything he draws. Story is decent, starts out great but the Gollum thing wears a little thin (most of the comic is Bruce Wayne talking to Batman). ***

Lex Luthor: Man of Steel
– Written by Brian Azzarello, drawn by Lee Bermejo, and coloured by Dave Stewart. A comic from Luthor’s point of view. Well written and art’d, but doesn’t entirely succeed in a sympathetic Luthor. He’s pretty much a big douche the whole time, and the story’s not too original. It can also be a little hard to follow at times. Art, again, is great: I like how Superman’s drawn as some sort of monstrous, otherworldly, un-human being from Luthor’s point of view. Also, somewhat spoilers: Superman beats the shit out of Batman for carrying kryptonite. At least, that’s what it looks like; totally not buying that bit of writing, unless it was Luthor’s imagination. ***

Doctor Who Specials (since the end of season 4) – Little bit like a miniature season. Good stuff, same as season 4, lots of craziness. Probably gonna miss Tennant. Waiting on the Christmas specials.

Amelie – Crazy French (don’t worry, it’s unpretentious and not arthouse), er, comedy movie about girl named Amelie and the people she’s surrounded with/trying to help out. About people and relationships, really, but I wouldn’t delegate it to ‘romantic comedy’ only because that calls forth all those totally unwatchable American ones. Confusing at times, but we did have to rely on subtitles. Interesting enough to give a watch. ****


X-Infernus – Written by C. B. Cebulski, art by Giuseppe Camuncoli. Some X-Men miniseries about Colossus’ demon sister. Art was adequate. Overall, average at best, might do more for an X-fan. I do dig her goat-feet, though. **


The Hangover – Barely laughed. Could maybe put it down to exhaustion, but all the laughs were pretty much expended in the trailer. Only watch if you’re into low-brow American comedy where ‘zany’ things happen. *


Where are the video games? – I’m playing stuff, but I’m not exactly beating stuff. Expect some game reviews in the coming months.

Tiger Woods – Does anybody even give a shit?

And that’s it from me. As always, feel free to drop a comment if you want me to expand on anything I’ve talked about here.


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