Feed Proxy II

We all read blogs – as evident by your reading of this blog now. But we don’t all read blogs all the time and we don’t all subscribe to RSS feeds. We do. So, to make it easier for people who don’t, we’ve collected a series of this week’s posts from a series of blogs that we follow.

Source: Gizmodo.

  • Man, you have a girlfriend?: 8 Gifts for Girlfriends Neglected by Tech-Addicted Boyfriends. [Link]
  • I think that I’m fine with people talking on the phone, so long as they’re talking English. That way, I know if they’re talking about me. [Link]
  • I don’t even know where the closest Blockbuster is anymore: DOOOOOMED. [Link]
  • The writer says that he’d prefer to play games on his iPhone with a Dualshock 3. I think, either way, a user wanting to play games on iPhone with a controller BIGGER THAN THE PHONE is an idiot: [Link]
  • All this needs is Big Bird and Grover: Custom Band-Aid Machine Covers any Length of Cut. [Link]
  • Dual-Sided Blu-Ray/DVD Discs. [Link]
  • Straight from science fiction: Electro-Magnetic Pulses Cut Through Steel. [Link]
  • Facebook VS Myspace. [Link]
  • I found this quite amusing, but I won’t watch the proper movie: Family Guy Something Something Something Something Dark Side Trailer. [Link]
  • Hells Yeah. [Link]
  • Just a reminder: The Universe is awesome. God’s Home. [Link]
  • Everyone really is evil. Except for Google: Ending Unlimited Free Access to Subscription News. [Link]
  • Google’s in the Business of Defining Words Now. [Link]
  • My understanding is that Australian words are equally as ambiguous: Guys Demands to be Arrested for Ripping his own DVDs. [Link]
  • This is fair. [Link]
  • Cutest phone ever! [Link]
  • More science fiction: Invisible Bluetooth Headset. [Link]
  • That’s a helluva lot of disc space: Mac Pro Quietly Updated. [Link]
  • More fracking science fiction. [Link]
  • Man, We’ve come a long way from Floppies. [Link]
  • We should sue Apple too! [Link]
  • I’m not one of these third of people. Yet. [Link]
  • PSP goes backwards compatible. Sort of. [Link]
  • This Wall Clock Shows How Mario has Aged. [Link]
  • One way video calls on the iPhone. MASSIVE OVERSIGHT THERE, APPLE. [Link] [Another link]
  • Not a bad deal. Not bad at all. Windows 7 Family Pack Launching in Australia. [Link]
  • All we really need is a Full HD Computer Screen with HDMI input so that I can run my Ps3 through it and, suddenly, the television is obsolete. TV Execs are Terrified of Streaming Video. [Link]

Source: Lifehacker.

  • This is a handy list, considering that MiniNova is legal only now. [Link]
  • This is nifty for all those folks that do webdesign and web testing: Browsera Simultaneously Tests your site in different browsers. [Link]
  • Do you really need more than 4GB of RAM? No. No I do not. [Link]
  • This could be a useful app if you feel that you’re in the position such that you could see a laptop stolen from you. [Link]
  • Google Image Search Update. [Link]
  • How HTML5 will change the way you use the web. [Link]
  • Recent Windows Patch Causes “Black Screen of Death”. I seem to have encountered such rendering glitches. It is frustrating, but this article highly exaggerates. [Link] [Microsoft’s Response]
  • Aaw, Kitty Kat: Pets Are Bad News For Hard Drives. [Link]
  • Tweetdeck updates guys. [Link]
  • Old: Unit Pricing Now Mandatory in Large Supermarkets. [Link]

Source: Defamer.

  • A review for 2012. With sincerity! [Link]

Source: Kotaku.

  • I am quite sick of Miis: And Now 360 Avatars Can Have Pets. Quick! RUSH TO THE LOCAL FUCKING K-MART. [Link]
  • This isn’t actually very funny: Brutal Afterthoughts. [Link]
  • I want these games so badly: [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] and the first mentioned in this [Link]
  • Happy Birthday! [Link]
  • Time to hang up the skates. [Link]
  • Is this game ripping off Mario Galaxy? Yes. [Link]
  • Brilliant. [Link]
  • Commercialised Piracy! [Link]
  • Pac-Man Rings! [Link]
  • This will be the most pathetic thing you ever become aware of. [Link]
  • NIGHTMARES. [Link]
  • How New Zelda will be Different. [Link] [Link] (lol)
  • Hey, Stop Blaming The Australian Government/People for “Banning” Games. [Link]


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