I recorded some shameless plugging with my cousin today. He makes Let’s Play. They’re pretty good. Okay, well, he tells me that they’re pretty good. I haven’t much of the attention span needed to watch someone else play video games unless I can poke them and engage with them in immediate discourse, despite the added loud and subjectively hilarious commented added by this Gavaroc Fevinor.

I felt it appropriate to shamelessly plug his channel and videos here. You know, to be fair. His potential audience of 700 subscribers compared to ours of {<10x where x=~1} readers.

Below find the video we recorded. Well, the first of three. Find the other two yourself. By looking at his channel. I’ve linked there twice now with this post. And I wasn’t even asked to. I am clearly a fantastic guy.


6 Responses to Gav.

  1. Zemby says:

    Yes, of course, fantastic Gav. Shameless plugging x2. But that's what makes it fantastic.Fantastic.Although the shameless plugging did remind me that I wanted to keep up with yours and Adam's blogs. So now you're fantastic x2, just like your shameless plugging.Aahh, it's fun teasing. Hopefully you remember me, so this doesn't seem quite as weird!

  2. Esoteric says:

    I think that one of us might be a tad confused.

  3. Zemby says:

    I realized that not too long after I posted, but my internet connection started failing me, and then I forgot after I started doing some LPs. XDI'm a silly Zemby, and the title threw me off. Ignore my slow mind!

  4. Esoteric says:

    Consider it ignored.

  5. Zemby says:

    Look at it this way – at least the shameless plugging worked.

  6. Esoteric says:

    I meant to type a face, but I didn't. Pretend like I typed a face. It was a face somewhat of this likeness: ^>^I am quite glad that the plugging had an effect. It's nice to operate with a properly perceived audience.

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