Speakable Evil #2 – The real evil is the media. And zombies.

Settling into our fortnightly schedule, the second episode of Speakable Evil is up on youtube now. We’re attempting to get itunes working, but that may be a while off. For now, here’s part 1 of the youtube version of ep 2.

The rest of Episode 2 is here.
This time around we discuss Marvel’s Doctor Voodoo and compare story parallels between comics giants Marvel and DC, particularly dealing with Necrosha X and Blackest Night, and the fates of Captain America and Batman. Adam also reviews Brutal Legend for the PS3. Lastly, we talk about media hype and the prominence of non-news stories from traditional news outlets (because of the release of New Moon).
We’ve kept up our end of the deal with the bi-weekly podcasts, so please, give it a listen.

About Brad
I am the Captain of the Starship Lollipants from the planet Buttermonkey, setting off on a wild adventure to discover some stuff and probably receive psychiatric assistance. Oh look, a butterfly made of peanuts. OM NOM NOM.

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