Speakable Evil #1 – Monkeys and robots and ghosts, oh my

In an ever widening attempt to sneak our tendrils firmly into every form of artistic medium we can invade, we are now doing a podcast. You can hear us talk speaking-words now! And, lucky for you, our first one is hot off the presses and ready for your listening pleasure.

The rest of the youtube version is here. Need to be a wee bit more patient for the full-length mp3. The post-production phase is taking about a billion years longer than the recording itself, I swear.

In our first podcast, we discuss the merits of NaNoWriMo, happening now (expect some some more on that later on the month, here and other places); We all take shots at the recently (for us) released Time Traveler’s Wife film (7:40 minutes in); (mostly) Vyperchild reviews the less recently released Astro Boy American remake (20:40 in); And we say a few words about some comics, namely Haunt #1 and Cowboy Ninja Viking #1 ().

Consider this strange and possibly amusing series a bi-weekly thing, and expect a 40-minute length ramble each time. Enough reading, go listen. Hate it, like it, let us know, all three of you.


About Safeer
What is Safeer? A miserable little pile of secrets. But enough talk, have at you!

6 Responses to Speakable Evil #1 – Monkeys and robots and ghosts, oh my

  1. Matt Booker says:

    Fun and entertaining. I never knew Romans liked bull dung so much.So, were you all going to do NaNoWriMo already or was this Esoteric's doing, brought on by my participation?~Matt Booker

  2. Esoteric says:

    I started it. ^>^ (And I admit that I only discovered thanks to your blog). I hope you keep an eye out for the rest of the show, it should be FINALLY up within the next ten or so minutes.

  3. Matt Booker says:

    And I'll be going off to my day job by then, but I'll listen to it later on this weekend. I am looking forward to it! :)When I remember to update my blog roll, I'll include Unspeakable Evil on there. It's nice to hear about other people's updates on their nanowrimo progress.~Matt Booker

  4. Matt Booker says:

    And you know, now you'll have to start saying 'four readers' instead of three.~Matt Booker

  5. Esoteric says:

    I know, I've never been so excited in my life.

  6. Vyperchild says:

    Hey Matt, I guess I should thank you seeing as you're the origin of my NaNoWriMo participation this year. So thanks! It's been great fun, although I've admittedly not quite gotten as far into it as I'd have liked. And I'm glad you liked the podcast.Four readers! Woohoo.

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