Recently, Marvel Comics gave us Thor #600, Spider-Man #600 and The Incredible Hulk #600.

Deadpool was jealous so he gave us Deadpool #900.

If you read this comic, read the re-cap page. It’s not quite as awesome as the re-cap pages from the Cable and Deadpool days (in all of their fourth-wall breaking goodness) but it does have Deadpool talking to himself and the line “I come back from the dead all the time and no one cares” with regards to Captain America [Reborn for those playing at home].


Close Encounters of the fucked-up kinds
Jason Aaron, Chris Staggs, Juan Vlasco, Marte Gracia

This, like most other big milestone issues, is made up of a number of small stories by different writers and artists. Those names go Writer, Penciler, Inker and Colorist. I thought I’d be nice and include more names than just the writer and artist (penciler).

So this first story involves Wade being abducted by aliens, being stripped down naked, getting anal probed and biting his own arm off. And throwing the arm at the aliens. So that they get punched in the face.

Writing is funny, art’s a little tame. S’okay, I say.

Silent But Deadly
~ Fred Van Lente, Dalibor Talajic

Wade’s ear drums are blown out so we get to read a fight scene with no dialogue between Wade and a bunch of Mimes. It’s really fun, and I really liked Talajic’s Deadpool.

Deadpool Shrunken Master
~ Mike Benson, Damion Scott, Lee Loughdridge

The art sucks, I hate it. But I think I’m meant to; Wade goes to see a psychiatrist and I guess we get to have a little bit of a look at his crazy. There are some pretty fantastic images in the issue, but I just don’t like the messy style.

This story was really good. If the first story was the funny Deadpool, and the second was the fighter Deadpool (well, still the funny too), then this one is the interesting Deadpool. The one who’s a cold blooded killer with motive and psychosis. I actually forgot that I hated the art: I got really into the writing. I’m writing this as I go, so I could change my mind later, but this is my favourite story so far.

Pinky Swear
~ Joe Kelly, Rob Liefield

Oh, that’s just not fair. You give me Joe Kelly, as classics nineties Deadpool writer, and pair him with Liefield – the worst artist to have any influence over the nineties? For shame. I don’t care that Liefield co-created Deadpool!

Needless to say: the art is God awful. It’s very nineties, the whole story. And Kelly has invented the best simile ever: “It’s really irritating…  like scraping Paris Hiltons on a blackboard”. It’s also a little bit of a parody of the nineties: “SUCCESS! For I am the master of my own pouches!!”

This story starts off really dirty and detestable, but the sexual humour grows on me and it turns out pretty God damn ridiculous. It is a shame about Liefield though. Poor soul.

(I think Liefield has finally learned how to draw feet: there is literally a panel with is JUST a foot.)

What Happens in Vegas
~ Duane Swierczynski, Shawn Crystal, Lee Loughridge

More horrible art! And quite possible the worst yet! Yaay!

Fourth wall be damned; and this story is a parody of CSI-type shows. This issue has a crazy knack for making up for its horrible art with fantastic writing. I am thoroughly enjoying this issue.

Great Balls of Thunder on the Deep Blue Sea
~ Victor Gischler, Sanford Greene, Nathan Massengill, Dave McCaig

So, Wade gets on a boat cruise, and for some reason Doctor Octopus is there. Otto is reading Twilight. Then they play Ping Pong and Otto sinks the boat.


One Down
~ Charlie Huston, Kyle Baker.

More messy art, but this time I rather enjoyed the uniqueness.

This story was one of the most interesting and unique explorations of Deadpool’s fourth-wall-gimmick. I won’t spoil this one too much, but I do love that Wade has a little bit of a go at Wolverine and his reader base, while praising his own.


Overall, this issue is pretty fun. The writing is fantastically consistent, and the art is pleasantly varied. It comes with a reprint of Deadpool and Widdle Wade, but I didn’t bother reading it.

I was disappointed by the lack of Fabian and Way – but Way has the Deadpool solo running so I don’t mind terribly. I still am disappointed by the lack of Fabian. Fabian can write, at least, as opposed to Liefield’s inability to draw. [Fabian co-created Deadpool, boys and girls].

It was funny, it was interesting, it was fun and the action was pretty good. I recommend a read; it’s at $4.99 Cover Price but – unlike stuff like Dark Reign Tie-Ins or X-Babies – it actually offers more content for the higher price tag. It’s a heavy issue; more issues should be heavy. And you should read this. Everyone should read Deadpool.



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