Armageddon Expo

First things first.

Second things second:

IMG_0055 IMG_0054

I think you can see a Naruto Cosplayer in there – a bad one. There was an awesome Supergirl Cosplayer (like, seriously awesome) but I wasn’t quick enough with my phone. It was hard to complain to the lady trying to stop me from meeting Goku and also take photos of a cute girl in a short skirt with a belly button showing just so that I could share it with the internet.

IMG_0051 IMG_0053You’re looking at a moving Sean Schemmel (Goku), Dante Basco (Zuko from Avatar) and Olivia Hack’s cleavage. You’re also looking at some person on the end who, seriously, no one stopped to get signatures from. Missing from the panel Trunks, Colonel Mustang and Beast Boy. The VA for Beast Boy wishes he was as crazy looking as Scott McNeil. (The latter was not present. I sorta wish he was. That would have been awesome).

IMG_0049An array of Comic Book artists and writers. The man with the glasses, and talking,  is Peter David. He’s wearing the same shirt that Jamie Madrox wears. He’s a really awesome guy and I really enjoyed listening to people talk to him. I didn’t talk to him because I’m a little girl.

IMG_0057 IMG_0058

Sean Schemmel after being kidnapped by fans – after his signing shift had officially ended – who had been scorned by the evil security lady that didn’t want to let fans use up the last five minutes of Sean’s shift because she wanted a photo with him. Patience was awarded and Goku turned out to be a rather nice guy. (He also looks like he could either bench or eat Goku. I haven’t decided which).



IMG_0047Also there was a DeLorean there. This is heavy.

Last things last: today I went to the Armageddon Expo and was shocked to find that I enjoyed looking at some of the cosplayers and equally shocked to see this image forever ruined for every man who happened to view the blasphemous cosplayer defacing its good name. Jabba the Hutt was better looking. The expo was as fun as it is every year – in that it very distinctly felt like it had underachieved (and that it smelt a little bit). But, like every year, I buy something I neither need nor want and I struggle to get the signatures I’m chasing after because of work and selfish heinous bitches.



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