With Our Powers Combined

Welcome to Unspeakable Evil. I’m Esoteric. But, because I’m sure no one is going to be able to track me down, rape me, cut me and steal all my stuff just because I’ve divulged my first name, you can call me Adam.

Long ago (yesterday) in a distant land (Australia), I, Forte, Shape Shifting Master of Darkness (Shape Shifting Master of Darkness) unleashed an Unspeakable Evil (this blog)! Oh and Esoteric and Vyperchild were there too. Now, prepare to have foisted on you our most opulent and delicious worldly (and wordy) opinions! tl;dr version: Hi!

Should we go to the effort of explaining that reference?

But that’s no fun!

I suppose not. I sorta wish we hadn’t sent Vyperchild into the future with our magic powers though. Because now we have to either wait until he finds a way back to the past, back to the past, back to the past (watch out!) or wait until we catch up with him as we travel linearly forward through time.

Behold! From the future, Vyperchild is returned, bringing with him a wealth of wondrous knowledge of science discovered by the mutant survivors of the 2051 nuclear war. Or maybe I’m just returned from an acid trip. Anyways, Hallo thar!

I feel the need to explain what just happened. I mean, what was just read may make very little sense to any reader who doesn’t know what happened. Should I do it or would one of you two like to?

What was just read? Funny assumption, that we have an audience. Har har har. But go ahead, if you so wish it.

Ya know what? A year from now – when all of our fangirls are reading this blog – the blog that started it all – just so that they can decide which one of us to get naked with and they all choose me – you’re going to feel like such an arsehole Forte.

But okay: I, the ever-so-attractive Adam with the infallible stupid wit and gorgeous stupid personality, will take it upon myself to explain just what we have going here.

I guess the most appropriate first point would be that, uhm, this is a blog. And it’s a blog run by three Administrators. Those three Administrators would be me, Forte Dante and Vyperchild. We all have our own personal blogs, all that little bit different from each other and all that little bit different from what we’ll be doing here, and we decided to create this blog so that we can write about certain shared interests. Things you can expect: uhm, I think we were talking about a blog about how pissed off we’ll inevitably be after seeing the upcoming Wolverine Movie.

I did say that I was going to explain what happened up there ^ a little bit. Basically, down here in Australia, we suffer world renowned shitty internet. Vyperchild suffers the worlds worst internet connection ever. I forget the exact circumstances, but they’re shit. So we started this blog post at what, 8:52PM? I’m writing this sentence right now at 10:56PM. There are a few reasons for that, but part of the reason is that we had to sorta wait for Vyperchild to catch up. Because of the shitty internet. So, uhm, this post will probably end up with very little of him in it. I just wanted to clarify that we weren’t actively cutting him out of this, our debut post.



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